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Bio Restoration  Hello Tomorrow Japan

Bio Restoration  Hello Tomorrow Japan

Japanese version

Hello Tomorrow Japan promises "an useful body expression" of a world top level by original know-how.

It's the New Body !

artificial breast 'Pome system' wearing

Change your life by the artificial breast of ideal

Textures of the skin which is transparent and visible to a blood vessel.  The firm feeling of a fit from which an intense motion or underwater do not shift.  The reality which will dye red faintly if the body gets warm in a bath etc.
The artificial breast of Hello Tomorrow Japan has inspired the 'life' of joy and new life in the women who lost the breast

Before wearing

▲ artificial breast "Pome system" wearing



Maria Niino (photograph) who is the master of a hula and a representative of JAPAN Hello Tomorrow Japan, all extraction about a right breast by the 1987 breast cancer. Then, she was devoted to research of an artificial breast by the strong thought of wanting to regain a breast. It is the artificial body of the ideal of the level of world top class at last 12 years after. "New body" It completed.

Textures of the skin, appearance which it is transparent and is in sight to a blood vessel. It bases on a special sheet and is comfortable, and is a feeling. Since it is too natural, so that she is likely to forget to have attached.


It is the world only patent equipping method. Even if it is strong to an intense motion and sweats, it cannot be moved, or it cannot be taken.
Swimming and sex can also be performed as well as a shower and a hot spring.

The special technology of a world top level carries out restoration manufacture of all the body parts, such as a finger, hand and foot, an ear, a nose, an eye, the skin, and KATSURA.

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